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VKICL has identified that shipbuilding is an international marketplace. The shipbuilding steel requirements are diverse from small fishing vessels to huge commercial super tankers. At VKICL, we understand the importance of effective steel requirements by shipbuilding markets. Plates for marine applications must endure adverse load conditions like corrosion and large cyclical loads wave loading, sea slap and slamming thermal excursions in tropical and arctic seas, vibration and cargo buoyancy. Thus, VKICL inventory consists of vast steel plates which deliver high strength coupled with good low-temperature toughness, through thickness properties, corrosion and fatigue resistance, and tight dimensional tolerances to accomplish the needs of shipbuilding industry. We supply steel plates for container ships that greatly reduce the welding work time. The anti-corrosion steel plates can be used in crude oil tankers and offers a higher performance by enhanced resistant to corrosion. VKICL understands the unique needs of every company and work closely with them to source products which meet their exact specifications. By supplying high performance steels for shipbuilding applications, we deliver and meet the demands of our clients even in most challenging and hostile environments. Our skilled and experienced team offers a world-class service to shipbuilding industry as per the client’s demands.

Mechanical Properties

  • High strength
  • Good low-temperature toughness
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Excellent high and low cycle fatigue properties
  • Excellent weldability due to lower carbon equivalent and HAZ toughness

Supply condition

  • As Rolled
  • Thermo mechanically controlled rolled
  • Normalised
  • Shot Blasted & Painted

Material Specifications

  • Thickness - 6 mm – 150 mm
  • Width - 1500 mm – 3500 mm
  • Length - Up To 14,000 mm

Grades & Specifications

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Lloyds (LRS) Bureau Veritas (BV) Det Norske Veritas (DNV)

A, B, SS, E


AH/ DH/ EH 32

AH/ DH/ EH 36

A, B,D, E

AH/ DH/ EH 32

AH/ DH/ EH 34 S

AH 35

DH/ EH 36

A, B, D, E

AH/ DH/ EH 32

AH/ DH/ EH 36

A, B, D, E

NV A/ D 27 S

NV A 32

NV A/ D/ E 36

NV A/ D/ E 40

NV A/ D/ E 420