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White Goods

The white goods market is growing at a brisk. Rapid urban development and evolving trends has enhanced the distribution of white goods products. Fulfilling the needs of this huge segment, VKICL supplies steel to major white goods manufacturing industries, reaching every home globally. VKICL's extensive steel products portfolio ranges from diverse steel grades and customized delivery conditions, all aimed to offer world class quality. Our products add to the reliability and strength to household goods. The products are corrosion resistant, durable, strong and are subjected to dimensional tolerances.


  • Greater dimensional accuracy
  • increased yield and tensile strengths
  • Eliminates further costly thermal treatments
  • Low alloy grades
  • Easy formability
  • high-quality and consistent surface finish and texture

Delivery Conditions

  • Oiled / Unoiled
  • Bright / Dull Finish
  • Mill edge / trimmed
  • Coil / Sheet Form

Material specifications

  • Material - Mild Carbon Steel
  • Thickness - 0.5mm TO 3.15mm
  • Width - 800mm TO 1600mm
  • Length - Can be cut to sheets according to requirement

Grades & Specifications


A 1008: DS type A & B, DDS, EDDS, EDDS+

IS 513: D, DD, EDD

DIN 17100: ST 37.3, ST 44.2, ST 44.3, ST 52.3

EN 10268: HSLA 340, HSLA 420

EN 10130: DC 01, 03, 04, 05/06

G 3141: SPCD, SPCE, SPEN, SPRC 340, SPRC 390,SPFC 340, SPFC 390, SPFC 440