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Beams and columns are key structural elements as they create a safe load path to transfer the weight and forces on a structure to the foundations and into the ground.

Beams, also known as I-Beams / H-Beams / W-Beams, are horizontal structural elements that carry loads perpendicular to their longitudinal direction. They are used to support the weight of floors, ceilings, and roofs as well as shift load to the structure’s vertical load-bearing element. Columns are vertical structural elements that transfer the load parallel to the longitudinal axis as compression or tension. They are used to support floor and roof beams. Hence, beams and columns are extensively used in construction and engineering projects.

Beams & Columns are available in various configurations and selected based on the applied load for each application. VKICL supplies Beams & Columns of Indian Origin manufactured by Jindal Steel & Power Ltd, Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd (RINL), and other local secondary rolling mills. These sections comply with various Indian and International Standards to meet different segment requirements.

  • High Strength to Weight ratio
  • Superior Weldability
  • Wide Dimensional Range
  • Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance
  • Multiple sectional weights
  • Cost effective
Material Specifications
  • Universal Beam

Min. (mm x mm) – 152 x 89
Max. (mm x mm) – 610 x 229

  • Universal Column

Min. (mm x mm) – 152 x 152
Max. (mm x mm) – 356 x 406

  • Narrow Parallel Flange Beam

Min. (mm x mm) – 180 x 90
Max. (mm x mm) – 600 x 220

  • Wide Parallel Flange Beam

Min. (mm x mm) – 150 x 150
Max. (mm x mm) – 900 x 300

  • Indian Standard Medium Beam

Min. (mm) – 150
Max. (mm) – 600

  • Power Plant and Refinery Structures
  • Machine Bases
  • Offshore Structures
  • Freight Cars
  • Industrial Sheds and Warehouses
  • Frame Supports for Trolley ways, Lifts, Hoists
  • Beam Supports for Flyovers and Bridges
Grades & Specifications
IS 2062 : E250, E300, E350, E410, E450, E550 A 36