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Corporate governance is a set of processes, principals and systems which ensures that an organization is governed in the best interests of all its stakeholders. It is all about equity, adhering to ethical standards, respecting the laws of the company, accountability, transparency and promoting fairness. For the benefit of the stakeholders and its shareholders and to enhance the value of the company, superior corporate governance manages the affairs of the organization in an effective manner. A responsible and dedicated corporate governance framework ingrains in the culture of the company. VKICL has long embraced principles of corporate governance.

VKICL has set objectives to expand its capabilities in its business. As part of our growth strategy, VKICL has adopted best practices in corporate governance by emphasising accountability and transparency in all our transactions in order to consider and protect the interests of stakeholders. In accordance to VKICL vision, we aspire to be a steel supplier benchmark for corporate citizenship and value creation. We shall take necessary action in order to achieve our core objectives, vision, and environment safety.

The corporate governance of an organization is based on the below broad practices
  • The board of directors set high standard professionals with expertise in finance, industry, law and management.
  • Disclosures of high level information about finance, operational and corporate information to all the stakeholders.
  • With the required regulatory and legal requirements, having strong processes and systems to ensure timely compliance.
  • Well defined governance structures that balances and delegates decision making in the organization to the respective levels.