V.K. Industrial Corporation Limited
V.K. Industrial Corporation Limited

VKICL holds a huge selection of plate and sheet inventory, consisting of over 45 Steel Grades and thicknesses ranging from 1.2 mm to 320 mm. By offering a diverse inventory with customised plate cutting capabilities, VKICL is uniquely positioned to provide cost and time savings opportunities to the end user as compared to other distribution centres. To best meet our customers’ specific requirements, we offer in-house Gas Cutting and Trolley Cutting Services.

Gas Cutting

Gas cutting is one of the oldest processes still in use within the Steel Industry today. In this process, a jet of high-pressure oxygen is directed on the surface of the steel plate. The oxygen ignites the metal and oxidizes it, thereby removing material and creating sections of kerf.

  • Cost-effective
  • Portable
  • Faster cutting speed
Trolley Cutting

Trolley cutting involves a sturdy, portable machine for linear and circular cutting up to 180mm thickness by hand guiding. Known for their power efficient nature, these machines are specially designed in a trolley structure for making it easy to move. For linear/straight line cutting, the machine runs on an aluminium track supplied in 1.8m lengths.

  • High cut quality
  • Cleaner cut edges
  • Better tolerances
Profile Cutting

Steel profile cutting is an in-depth process where a piece of steel is cut and transformed into a particular shape. Cutting is usually carried out on a table using a machine that is suitable for the product. Oxy, plasma and laser cutting machines are most commonly used for steel profile cutting. VKICL can supply cut to size profiles as per customer drawings and requirements.