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High Tensile Steels are steels at the lower end of the medium-carbon range which have additional alloying ingredients in order to increase their strength, wear properties, and tensile strength. They are hot rolled at extreme temperatures which make them hard enough to bear high temperature and pressure without getting rusty or damaged. Its high strength enables design of lighter, highly durable, and efficient products and structures. The steel is designed to provide excellent welding and bending properties, and offers substantial possibilities for savings in material costs, processing and handling.

VKICL maintains a vast inventory of High Tensile (HT) Steel Plates in various sizes, grades, and specifications. We supply HT Plates of Domestic and Imported Make manufactured by the finest mills around the globe. They comply with various Indian and International Standards to meet different segment requirements. We also offer Cut-to-Length plate services to our customers.

  • Guaranteed high strength and toughness
  • Respective high and low temperature properties
  • Excellent weldability
  • Corrosion and fatigue resistance
  • Excellent formability
  • Tight dimensional tolerance
Material Specifications
  • Material – High Strength Low Carbon Steel
  • Thickness – 4mm to 320mm
  • Width – 1500mm to 2500mm
  • Length – Up to 15000mm
  • Max. weight – 25 MT Per Plate
Delivery Conditions
  • As rolled
  • Normalized rolled
  • Quenched and tempered
  • Thermo mechanically controlled process
  • Roof supports
  • Cranes, Dump trucks
  • Automobile & Offshore Industry
  • Agriculture & Transportation Equipment
  • Spiral Cases and Penstocks in Power Plants
  • Pylons and other Architectural Structures
Grades & Specifications
A572: Gr 50, Gr 65IS 2062: E300, E350, E410, E450, E55017100: ST 44.3, ST 52.3BS 4360: 43, 50EN 10025: S275, S355 JR/JO/JN G 3101: SS490
A656 Gr 50SAILMA: 300HI, 350HI, 410HI, 450HIG 3106: SM 490, SS520
IS 8500: FE 440, FE 490, FE540, FE 570