V.K. Industrial Corporation Limited
V.K. Industrial Corporation Limited
Import of Steel

VKICL is India’s leading steel importer and distributor of special quality steel plates. With more than 35 years of experience, we take pride in our reliability, understanding and service of the supply of imported steel. Over the past three decades, VKICL has established a strong network of international suppliers from countries like Korea (Hyundai), China (Wuyang), and Indonesia (POSCO), and built long-term relationships with them. This gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors and helps us serve our customers better than others.

Custom-cleared Door Delivery

VKICL will custom clear the imported material / indent orders and deliver the same at the customer’s works in India without causing them any hassle. The customer does not have to engage in USD currency hedging, custom duty clearance, as well as organising logistics from the port to their works. VKICL takes care of all the formalities and regulatory requirements essential for the clearing of imported material.

High Seas Sale

If the customer wishes to clear the imported material against their export license, VKICL will sell the material to the customer on a High Seas basis.