V.K. Industrial Corporation Limited
V.K. Industrial Corporation Limited
Lab Testing & Inspection

VKICL offers its customers with Visual Inspection and Testing services to check for overlapping, cracks, pitting, dimension accuracy, and seams prior to purchasing the material. VKICL arranges for Third Party Inspector (TPI) from Inspection agencies like BVIS, TUV, LRIS and also has tie-ups with local NABL approved laboratories. If the customer wishes to send their own QC/TPI Inspector at our works, they are free to do so.

Mill Test Certificates are provided as a sign of quality, and guarantee that our product meets quality, safety and reliability standards. In this way, customers can assess the overall nature and condition of steel products as well as satisfy their Technical Delivery Conditions (TDC).

Customer raises an Inspection Call as per Purchase Order.
Mill’s Material Test Certificate (MTC) is presented for correlation & verification.
Material is thoroughly inspected, stamped and certified.
If, as per TDC, Chemical & Mechanical testing of material is required, VKICL has provision for Sample Cutting.
Sample Test sizes are given by customer to VKICL.
Once samples are cut, either VKICL or the customer submits them to the laboratory.
Inspection & Testing Reports are forwarded to the customer once lab test results arrive.
If all the criteria are met, the material will pass and get dispatched to the customer.