Viren Mehta

Managing Director

V.K. Industrial Corporation Limited is a quality and customer-oriented company. At VKICL, we strive to provide all our customers with top-notch products and utmost satisfaction.

Over the years, VKICL has successfully earned a remarkable reputation as the most preferred steel supplier by maintaining flexibility, reliability and unrivalled quality of products. As an advantage to this achievement, we have always tried to exceed our customers’ expectations. Today, our business is burgeoning to meet new horizons while we are committed to our philosophy of supplying highest quality products, developing amicable partnerships and maintaining our stand as superior corporate citizens.

At VKICL, we are focused on accelerating the execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our brand—placing clients at the heart of everything we do, constantly innovating, adding new products and processes to foster sustainability as well as establishing trust by demonstrating honesty, ethical behaviour, and accountability. I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe in creating a benchmark in the steel industry.

As a potential or existing customer, supplier, or vendor, VKICL highly values your unstinted support and corporation while we expand our empire and continue to participate in the development of the steel sector in our country. Not to forget the loyalty, effort, and tireless commitment of our team that has greatly contributed in enhancing the performance of the organization.

I welcome you to browse through our website and get a first-hand experience of our capabilities.

After graduating in 2014 from Babson College [Boston, USA] with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration along with a dual concentration in Finance & Economics, I joined the family business as a Second-Generation entrant.

My motto is “Challenges should never stop you but only push you forward!”

Today’s global scenario has four product aspects i.e. Quality, Delivery, Service and Efficiency. As my generation & new age truly believes in innovation & out of the box creations, I too look forward to innovating and strategizing unique marketing, customer service and growth plans. With an experience of 35 years and fully operational distribution facilities in Mumbai, Chennai and Vadodara, we readily step into this new horizon with positive enthusiasm.

I take sheer pleasure to thank our MD and all the senior management officers for standing with me and supporting my dream to carve a niche for VKICL steel on a national as well as international platform. I keep this ambition to make VKICL mark its presence on the world map too.



Kairavi Mehta



Gautami Mehta

Chief Operating Officer

After graduating in 2019 from University of Southern California [Los Angeles, USA] with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I joined the family business. Belonging to the Second-Generation, I entered with an aim of bringing a young, fresh, and holistic mindset into the company.

The Indian Steel industry has witnessed a robust growth over the last decade and the demand for steel is expected to grow further with huge government investments in the infrastructure & manufacturing sector as well as a fivefold projected GDP rise by 2032. This holds great opportunities for VKICL. Leveraging our good reputation amongst our clientele, high quality standards, and a Pan India supply chain network, we will continue to strengthen our competitive position and contribute towards the growth of the Indian economy.

It is our vision to constantly innovate in product, process, and sustainability. To fulfil this vision, we are adding new products every year, integrating our processes with top-level advanced technology, and providing an excellent after-sales service to our clients. Starting in 2019, VKICL expanded into the structural steel category and is now able to cater to all angles, channels, beams, and rails requirements.

I sincerely hope that with our knowledge, expertise and foresight to constantly innovate, VKICL is able to serve all your product requirements and further add value to it.