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Mild steel plates, also known as plain-carbon steel and low-carbon steel, are extremely strong due to the low amounts of carbon present inside them. The carbon amount typically found in mild steel range from 0.05%-0.25% by weight. Here, less carbon means that mild steel is more ductile, malleable, weldable, and machinable than carbon and other steels. Because of its high strength and malleability, MS plates are a popular steel choice for the construction of pipelines and everyday products. Moreover, the ease of shaping and welding MS plates makes them a desirable material for producing products in the consumer industry.

VKICL maintains a huge inventory of Mild steel (MS) Plates in various sizes, grades, and specifications. We supply MS Plates of Domestic and Imported Make manufactured by the finest mills around the globe. They comply with various Indian and International Standards to meet different segment requirements. We also offer Cut-to-Length plate services to our customers.

  • High Ductility
  • Robust Construction
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Fine Surface Finish
  • Durable
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Light weight
Material Specifications
  • Material – Mild Carbon Steel
  • Thickness – 1.6mm to 350mm
  • Width – 1250mm to 4000mm
  • Length – Up to 15000mm
  • Max. weight – 25 MT Per Plate
Delivery Conditions
  • As rolled
  • Normalized rolled
  • Quenched and tempered
  • Thermo mechanically controlled process
  • Security vans
  • Secured containers
  • Automobile & Agriculture industries
  • Walls, windows, frames, and doors
  • Engineering & Heavy lifting equipments
  • Military equipments and vehicles
  • Petrochemica l& Oil and Gas industries
Grades & Specifications
A 36IS 2062: E250 Gr A/ B/ CDIN 17100: ST 37.3, ST 44.2, ST 44.3EN 10025: S235, S275G 3106: SM400
A 283: A, B, C, DG 3101: SS400