V.K. Industrial Corporation Limited
V.K. Industrial Corporation Limited
Transportation and Logistics

Over the past 35 years, along with building good business relations with our customers and suppliers, VKICL has maintained a great rapport with its transporters. By leveraging our strong and long-term transporter relationships, VKICL offers flexible, reliable and secure freight services Pan-India. Once the Purchase Order is issued, the customer’s job is done. VKICL takes over from here and executes all the necessary operations to ensure a timely and smooth delivery.

From delivery scheduling to route planning and vehicle management, VKICL provides complete support because we understand how important it is for our customers to receive their material in good condition, on time, and at the correct delivery spot.

On the day of dispatch, VKICL arranges for transport vehicle as per size and quantity of material specified in the Purchase Order.
If the customer wishes to arrange and send their own transport vehicle are free to do so.
Material loading comes under VKICL's scope.
As soon as material is loaded, vehicle is sent to the weighment bridge.
Once the weighment slip containing actual weight of the vehicle is received, invoice is prepared accordingly.
All official documents including E-way bill, Delivery Challan and Duplicate Invoice copy is handed-over to the transporter.
Dispatch details along with driver's contact number are shared with the customer by VKICL.
Material unloading comes under customer's scope.