V.K. Industrial Corporation Limited
V.K. Industrial Corporation Limited
Ultrasonic Testing Service

Ultrasonic testing (UT) is a form of quality assurance that utilizes high frequency sound energy to ensure the quality of carbon steel products. Such testing is important for buyers who are looking for high-quality steel plates suitable for specific projects. The goal is to detect and disqualify plates that have too many inherent flaws/defects inside.

VKICL has a qualified UT team consisting of two NDT Level 2 people stationed 365 days at the warehouse. We ensure that each and every plate that leaves our premises is SA 578 Level B pass. All other different types of UT testing are available for our customers. With this, customers can witness the UT testing and rest assured that VKICL is providing them with the best quality products – without any flaws/defects along with accurate dimensional measurements.

UT Acceptance Standard is shared by customer to VKICL prior to Inspection.
Considering the UT Specification, our team equips themselves with the appropriate instruments to conduct the test.
If the customer wishes to send their own UT team at our works, they are free to do so.
The test is performed using the direct immersion method wherein a part of the steel plate is required to be submerged in water before testing begins.
Sound waves travel through the steel plate and distortions are picked up by the receiver.
If the waves are too distorted, the plate is rejected.
If the waves fall within acceptable parameters, the plate passes.
A UT Report is immediately generated and handed over to the customer. It consists of all recordable indications and test parameters such as the Model of instrument, Test Range, Make, and Surface Condition of the plate.